How well do you know Minecraft?

Welcome to the Minecraft Quiz! Are you a real Minecraft pro or just a beginner? Do you think you know everything about the game? Find out now by taking this quiz test about Minecraft!

We currently have over 30 Minecraft quiz questions available and more being added every week, so feel free to do the test again whenever you feel like it. When you start the quiz, 10 Minecraft questions will be randomly picked and you will have 5 minutes to answer them. At the end you will see the leaderboard, do you have what it takes to make it to the top 100 leaderboard?! Challenge your friends to beat your score! The questions and answers will be given at the end of the quiz.

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  1. I got them all right it said 1 was rong lie lie lie don’t like it mine min emine I am a pro at minecraft I can spell minecraft people spell minecraft like mancraft hahahahahah

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